API Changes: Overwrite Existing Templates

You now have the option to overwrite user data with the following 3 API Functions:

Copy LetterTemplateFromDefault
CopyWebFormFromDefault (Landing Pages)

Previously, you could not overwrite a user’s template.

Now you can. In the API call, set the flag “overwrite” to “Y”. If the template exists, the data will be updated to the original content from your Samples & Default library.

(This change will be going live within the next week on all servers)

New User Interface is Live



All of our clients have now been upgraded to the “New Look Interface”.

We’re excited to bring you and your clients a more modern look. The web has changed so many times since we started over 10 years ago. This is our fourth major look & feel upgrade.

If you need help customizing the style of your AllClients installation to better match or blend in with the look and feel of your business, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Todd Binder

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