Asking for User Input on Custom Action Set Actions

Custom Action Set Actions are a powerful way to create Action Set Items for your users.  Now they are even more powerful with the new %%userinput%% parameter.

Here’s an example of a JSON post with the new %%userinput%% parameter

When a user adds this Action Set Item to their Action Set, they can fill in the value (and it uses the prompt you created above)

Finally, when this Action Set gets run, the %%userinput%% parameter will be replaced with the value they have placed in the Action Set Item.

Example output:


Important Notes

  • Formatting (It’s important to get it perfect!)
    • %%userinput(‘Your Prompt Here’)%%
  • Single Quotes for the user prompt
  • No HTML in the prompt
  • You can only have (1) user input prompt


August API Updates

The following API changes will be live on your server once your current version is dated 8/9/2018 or later:

AddDeal – Ability to add custom field values when adding a deal via the API

StatsAppointmentDetail – Output now shows details for start end end times

UpdateFlag – New API Function to update flags. Also added new “color” parameter to GetFlags and AddFlag.

AddContactNote – Added a couple icon options when entering [[System]] notes.

March API Updates

– Added option to specify TeamMemberID to AddEmailTemplate

– Added ability to GetContacts to filter on Source/Category/Category2/Flag by “Name” of the library. Instead of entering the numeric id, enter the prefix “name:” followed by the name of your library item. So if your source was Facebook, you would enter name:Facebook in the SourceID field.

– Can now filter by DealID
– Can now filter by TeamMemberID

– Added counts of Current Contacts and Completed Contacts to the output

NEW AddDealRelatedContact
– New API Function (use same function to update an existing deal contact)

NEW DeleteDealRelatedContact
– New API Function

NEW UpdateDeal
– New API Function

Posting to the AllClients API from a Zapier Trigger

In this example, I’ll walk you through adding a contact to the system using the AllClients API from Zapier.   This assumes you have some experience with Zapier, so I won’t go into all of the details of creating a Zap.

The example connects to a Google Sheet and adds a contact if any new rows are added to the spreadsheet.

After you’ve connected Zapier to your spreadsheet as the “Trigger/Source”, you’ll add an Action called Webhooks.


Then, select POST as the Create option

Then, fill in the following information.  This example uses the “AddContact” endpoint, but it could be any AllClients API Function.   Just make sure you read the documentation and include all required fields.   Remember that you can use API Authentication (using the Account’s API Key), or use your master keys.

  • Use your server’s base URL
  • Payload type must be form
  • All fields are in the Data section.  We do not use Basic Auth or Headers
  • You must add field called response_type and set it’s value to json.  The default value in the API is XML, and Zapier does not read that data properly back in the response.



After saving and running a test, you should see some kind of success message back from the API.

Custom ClientTouch Actions & Custom Action Set Actions

We’ve got two new features in beta testing:

Custom ClientTouch Actions


Custom Action Set Actions

Each allows you, as the developer, to create configurable actions within each area of your White Label system.

Let us know if you have questions or feature requests in each area.  We are looking forward to your feedback and enhancing these functions further to make them more powerful or you.