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Set Paging Size in GetContacts API Call

Update to GetContacts API Call

You can now specify a Page Size (pagingsize) to limit the number of contacts that are returned to you in the results.  This helps reduce the time it takes to get your first results, as well as lessen the chance of getting a server time out from us, or on your own server.

For subsequent calls, you would then set the Paging Offset (pagingoffset) to the number of records to skip for that call.    If your pagingsize was 100, you’d set the offset to 0 on the first call, 100 on the second call, and 200 on the third call… and so on.

We recommend a Paging Size of 500 to 1000 records to begin with.

A default Paging Size for GetContacts will be enforced at a future date, so it’s best to develop assuming it’s in place now.