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Asking for User Input on Custom Action Set Actions

Custom Action Set Actions are a powerful way to create Action Set Items for your users.  Now they are even more powerful with the new %%userinput%% parameter.

UPDATE: Jan 2024 – Added option for second user input parameter

Here’s an example of a JSON post with the new %%userinput%% parameter

When a user adds this Action Set Item to their Action Set, they can fill in the value (and it uses the prompt you created above)

Finally, when this Action Set gets run, the %%userinput%% parameter will be replaced with the value they have placed in the Action Set Item.

Example output:

Important Notes

  • Formatting (It’s important to get it perfect!)
    • %%userinput(‘Your Prompt Here’)%%
    • %%userinput2(‘Your Prompt Here’)%%
  • Single Quotes for the user prompt
  • No HTML in the prompt
  • You can only have (2) user input prompt