New API Functions

Listing and Downloading Attachments

You can now list & download individual contact attachments using the API.

First, use GetContactAttachments to get a list of a contact’s attachments.

Then you can use GetAttachmentDownloadURL to download each attachment. (This function will give you a special temporary URL where you can then download the file)

Deleting Flags

You can now delete a users flag using the DeleteFlag function

API Changes – GetContacts & RunActionSet

More Search Options in GetContacts

You can now search more text fields when running the GetContacts API function.

The new fields include company, address, city, state, postalcode, custom1 through custom20.

Run a Workflow/Action Set starting on a specific date

You can now specify a Start Date when running a Workflow. Use the new “startdatetime” in the RunActionSet API function.

The update that includes these new fields is rolling out this week.

Workflow & API Updates for Text Opt-In

We’ve made updates to help automate the Opting In of Contact Phone Numbers:

Workflow/Action Set Triggers now have 4 new fields to allow opt-in of each contact phone number.  (phone1textoptin, phone2textoptin, phone3textoptin, phone4textoptin)

The API Functions AddContact and UpdateContact have the same options so that you can include this in your integrations.

The update that includes these new features is rolling out this week.