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Adds (or removes) paid email credits to an account in the database via an http form post.

Free Monthly Email Credits vs. Paid Credits
Unlike the free monthly credits, paid email credits rollover from month-to-month.  Free credits are used first.  Once free credits are depleted, then paid credits will be used for sending emails.

Please note: This API Function is not enabled by default in new White Label accounts. Please contact us to have this function enabled for your account.

Post Url

  • SSL is requred

Form Fields

Field Max Length* Required Notes
response_type No Default results will be returned in XML.Set this field value to json to return results in JSON format
apiusername Yes API User Name and password are assigned by AllClients
apipassword Yes API User Name and password are assigned by AllClients
accountid Yes
addemailcredits Yes Number of paid email credits to add to the account.  This can be a negative number if you need to remove paid credits from an account.

* An error will not result if Max Length is exceeded. Data will be trimmed to this length. 

Sample Results

Success Message

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Sample Failure Message

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <error>Authentication failed</error>