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Adds an account to the database via an http form post. A successful post will return a success message and the accountid for the new account.

Please note: This API Function is not enabled by default in new White Label accounts. Please contact us to have this function enabled for your account.

Post Url

  • SSL is requred

Form Fields

Field Max Length* Required Notes
response_type No Default results will be returned in XML.Set this field value to json to return results in JSON format
apiusername Yes API User Name and password are assigned by AllClients
apipassword Yes API User Name and password are assigned by AllClients
email 50 Yes
password 50 Yes You need to assign a password, even if you are using other sign on methods
timezone Numeric No GMT Offeset (default value is “-8.0” for Pacific Standard Time)
group 50 No Must match a group in your WLCRM Control Panel. Otherwise, first alphabetical group will be used
affiliatecode 10 No Must match an affiliate code in your WLCRM Control Panel
professionalmodule No
features No Available options are Gold or Silver (default is Gold)This new feature/field is under development – Should be released by 2/21/2013
skiptemplates 1 No 0 (default) Copy templates from defaults (Emails, Letters, Autoresponders, Landing Pages)1 = Skip copying of templates (Emails, Letters, Autoresponders, Landing Pages)
mailmerge_newsletter 50 No Mail Merge Profile: Newsletter Title, ie: “John’s Newsletter”
mailmerge_fullname 50 No ie: “John Smith”
mailmerge_company 50 No
mailmerge_address 60 No ie: “123 Mail Street Suite A”
mailmerge_citystatezip 60 No ie: “Windsor, CA 95492”
mailmerge_phone 30 No
mailmerge_email 75 No
mailmerge_website 75 No Use full URL. ie: “”
trialdays 3 No For use with Recurly Billing Integration

# of Days until Trial Expires

billingstatus 20 No For use with Recurly Billing Integration

Use an exact value from the Billing Status dropdown in the White Label Admin (ex:  Trial, etc…)

* An error will not result if Max Length is exceeded. Data will be trimmed to this length. 

Sample Results

Success Message

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Sample Failure Message

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <error>Authentication failed</error>