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Gets a temporary sign on URL for an account in the database via an http form post.

Please note: This API Function is not enabled by default in new White Label accounts. Please contact us to have this function enabled for your account.

The signonurl will only be valid for 90 seconds after creation.  It can only be used once, and then it will be discarded.  Do not place this actual link in your HTML, but rather generate, then redirect users to the generated URL.

Additional Parameters for “signonurl”

You can add an additional redirect parameter to the generated signonurl allowing your users to jump directly to a page in the CRM.  For example,


Adding redirect=Settings.aspx (in the above example) will take your users to the Settings page after automatic sign on.


Adding delay=0 (in the above example) will skip the “Logging In” screen during automatic sign on

“redirect” and “delay” parameters can be used together, to both redirect to a specific page, as well as skip the “Logging In” screen.
Hiding Login Details in the CRM
Once you have implemented Single Sign On, you will most likely want to hide the login details and the ability for users to reset their passwords.  Please contact AllClients support and have them add the following configurations to your server:
 <add key="HideFeature.LoginDetails" value="1" />
 <add key="HideFeature.ChangePassword" value="1" />

Post Url

  • SSL is requred

Form Fields

Field Max Length* Required Notes
response_type No Default results will be returned in XML. Set this field value to json to return results in JSON format
apiusername Yes API User Name and password are assigned by AllClients(This is not the user’s API details.)
apipassword Yes API User Name and password are assigned by AllClients(This is not the user’s API details.)
accountid Yes
teammemberid No Leave blank or set to “0” if you are not using the Team features

* An error will not result if Max Length is exceeded. Data will be trimmed to this length. 

Sample Results

Success Message

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <signonurl>http://ReplaceWithYourWhiteLabelCRMDomain/?[special querystring]</signonurl>

Sample Failure Message

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <error>Authentication failed</error>