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Set Permissions for a Team Member based on information sent via an http form post.

Post Url
  • SSL is requred
  • White Label CRM Customers: Replace with your White Label CRM domain name.

Form Fields

Field Max Length* Required Notes
response_type No Default results will be returned in XML. Set this field value to json to return results in JSON format
apiusername Yes API User Name and password are assigned by AllClients
apipassword Yes API User Name and password are assigned by AllClients
accountid Yes Must be numeric. Account ID for this account. Found in Settings > API Settings or for White Label CRM in the Admin control panel
teammemberid Yes Must be numeric. Leave blank or use 0 (zero) for team leader
permissions Yes JSON formatted object (named pairs of permissions and their value)


{“ContactAdd”: “Deny”,
“ContactEdit”: “Grant”,
“ContactDelete: “Deny”}

Current List of Available Permissions

This list of permissions is subject to change.  Please code your routines in order to handle future changes without failing.

  • ContactAdd
  • ContactEdit
  • ContactDelete
  • ToDoAdd
  • ToDoEdit
  • ToDoDelete
  • VoiceTouchAccess
  • DealsAccess
  • ImportContacts
  • ExportContacts
  • TeamAdministration
  • LogInAsOwner
  • ShareEmailLetterTemplates
  • ClientTouchEmailBlast
  • ClientTouchGroupEditDelete

Success Message (XML)

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <error>Authentication failed</error>