Variables in Custom Header HTML

White Label Customers:

Your custom header file can contain the following variables for use in display, or even for reference in your own custom scripts.

%%accountid%%  will be replaced with Logged In User’s AccountID

%%teammemberid%%  will be replaced with Logged In Users’ Team Member ID (Will be “0” when Account Owner/Team Leader)

%%loginemail%%  will be replaced with the logged in user’s login email address (not necessarily the Mail Merge Email).   This is useful as the login email address hidden once you hide the built-in header bar.  TIP: You can link this to /ChangeUser.aspx if you want to allow user switching by clicking on their email address.

This update will be available in early May 2017.

Video Email Templates

Attached are the source code files for our 3 video email templates. You will want to change the 2 image links so that the code reflects your white label domain.

You may use our logo placeholder, just first upload it to your account and insert from there.

To update the YouTube image link, save your template and then and click the Change Video button. Add the video you would like to have in your templates. You may need need to update the URL manually in the Source Code. Make sure the first part of the URL reflects your CRM domain.

Video Email Template 1

Video Email Template 2

Video Email Template 3


New User Interface is Live



All of our clients have now been upgraded to the “New Look Interface”.

We’re excited to bring you and your clients a more modern look. The web has changed so many times since we started over 10 years ago. This is our fourth major look & feel upgrade.

If you need help customizing the style of your AllClients installation to better match or blend in with the look and feel of your business, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Todd Binder

Welcome to the Developer Blog

In this blog, we’ll cover:

  • Updates and changes to the AllClients API
  • Updates and changes that effect your White Label CRM version of AllClients
  • Announcements, including new content for your White Label CRM users
  • News, tips and changes in the industry that might effect your users.