New API Functions: GetContactCount & AddCategory

Two new API functions were released in today’s update:


You can now add a Category to an account using the new AddCategory API Function.


The new API Function, GetContactCount is a fast and efficient way to find the number of contacts in a database.

Previously, we had customers using GetContacts, and counting the number of contacts.  This was slower and much less efficient.

If all you need is the number of contacts, please use GetContactCount.

Recent API Changes and New Functions

Here is a summary of the API changes rolled out over the past few weeks:

GetToDoSummary – Return a list of To Dos for an account with ability to filter to a specific contact

GetToDos – Return a summary of To Dos for an account

GetContactBirthdays – Get birthdays for an account for a specific day and month

QuickSearchContacts – This function is designed for speed — searching only First Name, Last Name, Other First Name, Other Last Name, Email Address, and Other Email Address.  It also returns only a limited number of fields and is limited to 50 results returned.   This would be best used in some kind of “type-along-find” Ajax contact picker.

GetAccounts (Updated) – Now has the option to return the Mail Merge Profile for the account

API Changes: Overwrite Existing Templates

You now have the option to overwrite user data with the following 3 API Functions:

Copy LetterTemplateFromDefault
CopyWebFormFromDefault (Landing Pages)

Previously, you could not overwrite a user’s template.

Now you can. In the API call, set the flag “overwrite” to “Y”. If the template exists, the data will be updated to the original content from your Samples & Default library.

(This change will be going live within the next week on all servers)