API Updates

New API Functions

You can now add and list a contact’s Special Events via the API




AddContactNote – Added ability to specify the team member that added the note.  Previously defaulted to account owner

AddToDo – Added ability to identify the Contact via email address.  Of course, contactid is preferred and more accurate.  If multiple email address matches exist, the To Do will be added to the contact with the oldest “Add Date”


These updates & changes will be available when you receive the update dated 9/28/2017 or later.

Set Paging Size in GetContacts API Call

Update to GetContacts API Call

You can now specify a Page Size (pagingsize) to limit the number of contacts that are returned to you in the results.  This helps reduce the time it takes to get your first results, as well as lessen the chance of getting a server time out from us, or on your own server.

For subsequent calls, you would then set the Paging Offset (pagingoffset) to the number of records to skip for that call.    If your pagingsize was 100, you’d set the offset to 0 on the first call, 100 on the second call, and 200 on the third call… and so on.

We recommend a Paging Size of 500 to 1000 records to begin with.

A default Paging Size for GetContacts will be enforced at a future date, so it’s best to develop assuming it’s in place now.

API Functions Allow Contact Search by Other Email

For those API calls that allow you to search contacts by ID or Email, you can now search by Other Email as well.

New identifymethod Option “3” will search both Contact Email and Contact Other Email, in following API functions:

  • RunActionSet
  • AssignToDoPlan
  • AssignAutoresponder
  • GetContactNotes
  • AddContactNote
  • ContactFlags
  • UpdateContact
  • CancelAllAutoresponders
  • CancelAutoresponder
  • AddAppointment

More options with OtherSystemID

The contact field OtherSystemID can be used to track and link contacts that are already in another database.

We’ve just added the ability to set this field during AddContact, as well as the ability to look up a contact by this field in GetContacts.

This update will be available when you have a build date of 6/30 or greater.

Use Master API Credentials Instead of User’s API Key

We’ve just made using the API a whole lot easier.

In the past, you had to know your user’s API Key in order to call functions related to their account.  Now, instead of passing their API Key, you can override and use your master apiusername and apipassword instead.   This means you can ditch having to keep and store your user’s API Key.

For any API Function that requires the user’s apikey, leave out the apikey field and instead add the apiusername and apipassword fields.  (To clarify: These are your master API credentials, not the user’s details)

This option is available now.

Additions to AddContactNote

You can now pin a new contact note via the API.   Also, we added the ability to enter a “new line” character in the note.  Please see the updated documentation for details.   AddContactNote

You will have this in the next update, once your installed version is 4/26/2017 or later.

Your choice – API calls can return either XML or JSON Formatted Data

Good news! We’ve gone back and updated all older API functions to include the option to return the result data as JSON or XML data. XML was the only option for the API functions created in the past.

If you still want XML results, you don’t need to do anything. All results default to XML. If you want your results in JSON, add the field “response_type” to your request fields and set the value to “json”.

You can choose whichever format is easiest to consume in your favorite programming language.