Tools and News for Developers using the AllClients Platform

Data Event Webhooks

Use our Data Event Webhooks to notify your server when things happen across White Label Database. Read more about Data Event Webhooks here.

December API Updates

NEW: API Function to retrieve Audio Messages, including the direct public link to the MP3 file. GetAudioMessages   UPDATE: Added the ability to retrieve contacts

Custom Contact Tabs Documentation

Would you like to make a Custom Contact Tab to your users?   We’ve previously announced this ability.  Now, here are the details on how to make

API Updates

New API Functions You can now add and list a contact’s Special Events via the API GetContactSpecialEvents AddContactSpecialEvent Updates AddContactNote – Added ability to specify

More options with OtherSystemID

The contact field OtherSystemID can be used to track and link contacts that are already in another database. We’ve just added the ability to set this

Additions to AddContactNote

You can now pin a new contact note via the API.   Also, we added the ability to enter a “new line” character in the