Tools and News for Developers using the AllClients Platform

Variables in Custom Header HTML

White Label Customers: Your custom header file can contain the following variables for use in display, or even for reference in your own custom scripts.

Summer API Updates

Here is a summary of new and updated API functions over the last few months: New API Functions GetOptInStatusList : Returns the full list of opt

API Updates for April

Updated: GetAccounts Added option to return group information about all accounts GetAccounts New Functions: AddSource, AddCategory2 You now have the ability to add Sources and

New API Function: UpdateTeamMember

You can now update Team Members’ information via the API. Documentation for UpdateTeamMember The update containing this new API function will be rolling out over

API Updates for March

We’ve added the following fields to AddContact and UpdateContact: birthday otherbirthday otheremail   New API Function ReassignContact – Allows you to change the team database that a contact

Full To-Do Management via the API

We’ve added more To-Do functions to the API.  Now you can add, list, update (including mark complete), and delete any individual To-Do that is assigned

Video Email Templates

Attached are the source code files for our 3 video email templates. You will want to change the 2 image links so that the code