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Custom Workflow / Action Set Actions

Power Tools : Custom Workflow (Action Set) Actions


With the help of your developer, you can create Custom Action Set Actions in your White Label Version of AllClients.


Configure your Custom ClientTouch Actions in your White Label Control Panel.
Go to Content > Action Set Actions.


Detail of an Action Set Action

Explanation of Fields

  • Title – Displayed to user in ClientTouch
  • Enabled – You can disable a ClientTouch Action when needed.  When checked, the Action will be hidden from all users.
  • Icon Class – Use can use a FontAwesome 5.0+ Icon (recommened) or use your own custom class from your own style sheet.   When using FontAwesome, use the suggested format for the icons “fa fa-icon-name“.
  • HTTP Method – Your choice here need to match the receiving system’s specifications
  • URL – The address to send the data (usually on your server or a third party server like Zapier)
  • Parameters – See “Webhook Recipies” document for more examples and details.
  • Show To Groups – You can have the option of displaying each Action Set Action to All Group or you can choose specific groups that can see and use each action.

End User Experience

How Custom Action Set Actions Show Up

What is Happening Behind the Scenes?

When the Action Set Step is triggered, the Parameters field will be processed and merged with contact data (All %%fields%% will be replaced with corresponding contact data)

Then, the data will be sent to the URL using the selected HTTP Method

This should trigger events to happen on the destination server.  No other feedback will be displayed to the user.