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Custom ClientTouch Actions

Power Tools : Custom ClientTouch Actions

This feature is in BETA testing. Your feedback and suggestions are appreciated.


With the help of your developer, you can create Custom ClientTouch Actions in your White Label Version of AllClients.  Custom Client Touch Actions call external services and allow your users to do almost anything.  (Send postcards to contacts, send to another database, send to a mailing house, etc… There’s really no limit!)

You define a new ClientTouch Action that will appear in ClientTouch.   You can define the name, description, icon, and what URL to send the request to.  (This URL will be on your server or your custom developer’s server)

Once the user clicks the new Action button in ClientTouch, a message will be sent to the URL.  Once this message is received, your system then look up the contacts in the user’s ClientTouch Workgroup and proceed with processing your custom task.


Configure your Custom ClientTouch Actions in your White Label Control Panel.
Go to Content > ClientTouch Actions.

Here is the list of Customized ClientTouch Actions

Detail of a ClientTouch Action

Explanation of Fields

  • Title – Displayed to user in ClientTouch
  • Description – A bit more detail on what will happen. Displayed on the “Review” screen (see below)
  • Enabled – You can disable a ClientTouch Action when needed.  When checked, the Action will be hidden from all users.
  • Icon Class – You can use a FontAwesome 5.0+ Icon (recommened) or use your own custom class from your own style sheet.   When using FontAwesome, use the suggested format for the icons “fa fa-icon-name fa-4x”.  This will match the existing icons in ClientTouch.
  • Post URL – URL that JSON data will be posted to.   Alternatively, if the “Redirect” checkbox is checked, the user will be redirected to the given URL with the same parameters entered in the URL query string.
  • Show To Groups – You can have the option of displaying each Custom ClientTouch Action to All Group or you can choose specific groups that can see and use each action.

End User Experience

How Custom ClientTouch Actions Display in ClientTouch

When an end user goes to ClientTouch, they will see the configured ClientTouch Actions available to them under “More Actions

Review Screen

Once a Custom ClientTouch Action is selected, the user is given a chance to review what will happen.

Completion Screen

If they continue, the results of the process are displayed to the end user.  You configure the response text that shows up in the box below.

What is Happening Behind the Scenes?

When a user clicks “OK” on the Review Screen, a JSON request is sent to the URL provided in the POST URL field.   The JSON data consists of the following variables:

  • action – The title of the ClientTouch Action being performed
  • accountid – The AccountID of the user performing the action
  • teammemberid – The TeamMemberID of the user performing the action.  Will be “0” for the Account Owner.   (This is important as each team member has their own ClientTouch Workgroup)
  • contactcount – This is useful if you want to verify you are receiving the same number of contacts as expected

Once you receive this data at your URL, you will then immediately perform a GetContacts API call for the user using AccountID, TeamMemberID, and the “ClientTouch” = “1” parameter.

alternatively, you can redirect your users to a URL instead of posting the data to the URL.  Check the “Redirect” checkbox.  In this case, the same parameters above will be appended to the given URL.

Server Response

You control the text displayed in the Completion Screen (see above) by returning text in the body of the response.  All text that you return, whether it be an error or further instructions, will be displayed to the user on the Completion Screen (in the box above the “Close” button)

Finally, Do Your Magic

With this GetContacts data, you will then “do your magic” and automate your customer’s businesses!

We can’t wait to see what you will do with these Custom ClientTouch Actions.  As always, contact support if you have any questions.