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Custom Contact Tabs

Power Tools : Custom Contact Tabs


As a White Label Partner, you have the ability to add up to three Custom Contact Tabs.   A Custom Contact Tab displays a page (in an IFRAME) in a special contact tab that you define.  It looks like any other tab on the Contact Card, except you have complete control over what is displayed to the user in that tab.   Just like other Contact Tabs, users can re-order or choose to hide each of the Custom Contact Tabs.

Custom Contact Tab Configurable Properties

Enabled:  1 = Enabled, 0 = Disabled/Hidden

: The Font Awesome Version 5.0 Icon to use for the tab

The visible name of the tab

Url:  The URL that the the tab IFRAME will load when the user displays the tab.  The Url has the following parameters that will be replaced with user information.  %%accountid%% and %%contactid%% .  These parameters will allow you to display the content relevant to the selected account and contact. SECURITY NOTE: This assumes you are handling your own user authentication.  If you need help with securing your tabs, or need modifications to help secure your tabs, please contact AllClients Support for further discussions)

CssClass: (Optional)  When specified, this CSS Class is added to the IFRAME tag

Height: (Optional)  When specified, sets the height of the Contact Tab when this tab is selected.  Use format “400px”

DisableScrolling: (Optional)  1=Scrolling Disabled, 0=Scrolling Enabled.  When set to “1”, all scrollbars are removed from the tab, in case you want to handle all scrolling from within the IFRAME.  Reduces chance of having 2 sets of scrollbars when done this way.

Example configuration of a tab that calls a another web page

Example of how this configured tab is displayed to the user

A Bing search is performed (with the account and contact parameters) and the results are displayed in an IFRAME in the new tab.

Custom Contact Tabs can be re-ordered or hidden just like normal tabs

Getting Started

Contact AllClients Support for the initial configuration of your Custom Contact Tabs.

Deployment Note
The new Contact Tab will not be immediately available to existing users until they go in a reset their Contact Tab Configuration back to defaults.   This gives you some leeway to test the tabs.   Tools can be run by AllClients Support to help enabled tabs for all users once you are ready to go live.