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Custom HTML Content on Contact Card

As a White Label Partner, you can add custom HTML to two different places on the Contact Card. This custom HTML can contain IFRAMEs that can point to pages on other servers, and also includes some variable processing to help your custom pages pull of content specific to the contact and/or account.

Here are the custom areas:

  1. At the TOP of the contact card Contact.Content.Top
  2. Above the FLAGS section of the contact card Contact.Content.Aboveflgs

In the White Label Control Panel, add the variables in the Config screen:

The Name should match the custom area Contact.Content.Top or Contact.Content.Aboveflags.

The Value will be prefixed with page: then the exact name of a page that you create in Content > Pages

The value in the example above points to a page you create in Content > Pages

The following variables will be processed inside of your custom HTML. Variables can be included in scripts or IFRAME url parameters.

%%teammemberid%% (currently logged in Team Member ID)

In this example, the HTML content of the pages points to example images.

Things to Keep in Mind

Keep it Small and Simple
Your width and height can be anything you choose, but keep in mind that getting too tall or wide here can affect how much other content can be seen on the screen at one time.

Make sure all resouces (scripts, IFRAME pages, and images) are all served over SSL or your users will get security warnings

Not Future Proof
We can’t guarantee that future version of the contact card will be compatible with this feature. You will need to be flexible in the future as we update the layout of the contact card.