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Data Event Webhooks

Power Tools : Data Event Webhooks

AllClients White Label currently has the ability to send Webhook Notifications when certain events happen in your database.  This allows you to do actions, update data, or do anything else you might need based on these events.   When enabled, these events happen for ALL ACCOUNTS and can cause a lot of data to be sent to your servers.

Webhooks Available for the Following Events

Contact (Add / Edit / Delete)
Contact Flag (Add / Delete) (a flag assigned or deleted from Contact)
Contact Attachment (Add / Delete)  (rename triggers Delete then Add hooks)
To-Do (Add / Edit / Delete)
Team Member (Add / Delete)
Appointment (Add / Edit)
Deal (Add)

Account Settings Items:
Source (Add / Edit / Delete)
Category (Add / Edit / Delete)
Custom Category  (Add / Edit / Delete)
Flag (Add / Edit / Delete)

Account Special Events:
– When an account’s custom fields change
– When an import is completed on an account

Communication Speed

Webhooks can be configured to be sent to your servers in three ways:

  1. AS FAST AS POSSIBLE – Send webhooks as fast as possible
  2. QUEUED – Send one webhook at a time and wait until current webhook is accepted before sending another. (Recommended)
  3. DATABASE CHANGE LOG – We store the events in a log, and you look them up and process them at your own speed.  (Contact support for more details)

Limitations and Things to Think About

Lots of data will be sent to your servers.   Your servers need to be ready to handle the workload.

To prevent THOUSANDS or TENS OF THOUSANDS of Webhooks from being sent at once, not all mass update events (ClientTouch, Import, or other Mass Actions) will trigger individual Webhooks.   We do have some workarounds and suggestions for how to handle this.

There are some limitations and things to know about how Webhooks work.   Contact AllClients Support if you’d like to explore using Webhooks on your AllClients White Label Server.