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“display” field

Landing Pages


Allows user to set the visibility of a section of content on a page.


  • label – Label displayed to user when filling out form (required)
  • default – Default Value (optional)
  • tip – Tips and advice displayed to user at entry
  • sort – Use this value to override display order of fields (vs default which is order in html)


In the example below, the special display field is used. (It must always be placed in style attribute of a tag, usually a div tag)

The only possible default value will be none  (in reference to the CSS attribute  display:none)

No other default values are possible.

<div style="<!-- type:display; 
 label:"Show Privacy Policy";
 tip: "You can decide if you would like a privacy 
 default:"none"; -->">

 Privacy Policy:<br>

 <!-- type:editor; label:"Privacy Policy";
 default:"Privacy Policy Goes Here"; --><br>