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“editor” field

Landing Pages


Allows user to use the CRMs “HTML” WYSIWYG editor for creation of an HTML snippet.  While using the editor gives users full flexlibility, it can end up producing HTML that can hurt the design of the template (such as images that are too wide, or unclosed HTML tags)


  • label – Label displayed to user when filling out form (required)
  • default – Default Value (optional)
  • tip – Tips and advice displayed to user at entry
  • sort – Use this value to override display order of fields (vs default which is order in html)
  • clickable – Make field editable in Full Screen Editor. See notes on “clickable” fields.
  • editor-theme – light” (default) or alternately “dark” – Use “dark” when your text elements are styled with very light colors.  Changes the background color of the editor zone to a dark color.


<!-- type:editor; label:"Privacy Policy"; default:"Privacy Policy Goes Here"; -->

IMPORTANT If you need to add default value that contains any tags, you must enclose it in a CDATA tag. This will allow the template engine to properly identify your default text. Do this for any defaults containing < > ; : “ ‘ or any other non-text characters.

Example with HTML tags in the “default” value

<!-- type:editor; label:"Privacy Policy"; default:"<![CDATA[Privacy Policy <font style="weight:bold;">Goes Here</font>]]>"; -->

The default value is enclosed inside a CDATA tag. Starts with <![CDATA[ ends with]]>