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“image” field

Landing Pages


Allows user to upload an image from their computer and crop it to a specified width a height.


  • label – Label displayed to user when filling out form (required)
  • default – Default Value (optional)
  • tip – Tips and advice displayed to user at entry
  • crop-width Width that the resulting image will be cropped to (in pixels)
  • crop-height Height that the resulting image will be cropped to (in pixels)
  • sort – Use this value to override display order of fields (vs default which is order in html)
  • class The value in this field will be added to the IMG ‘class’ tag for this image (optional)Special Value: If you specify url_only as the class parameter, then only the URL of the image will be placed in the rendered template. This is especially useful in placing an image url as a background-image in CSS.
  • clickable – Make field editable in Full Screen Editor. See notes on “clickable” fields.


<!-- label:"Main Photo"; type:image; crop-width:250; crop-height:150; tip:"This should be pretty"; class:"productPhoto"; default:””; -->

Example for “url_only”

background-image: url('<!-- label:"Big Background Photo"; class:"url_only"; type:image; default: "";   -->');


  • As Landing Pages are always hosted on SSL, default image links must be SSL or users in some browser may experience security warnings due to mixed content. This “security scare” will definitely scare some users into NOT submitting your form.
  • Its a good practice to host your Default Images on a server other than in a White Label CRM user’s account. Otherwise, deleting a user account might inadvertently break landing pages that have been imported into other accounts