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“youtube” field

Landing Pages


This field allows your users to easily embed a YouTube video into the landing page without knowing any HTML.  They are simply prompted to paste a YouTube Video ID (or even easier: a YouTube Link) and the Video ID is automatically found.   End users do not need to get <IFRAME> embed code or know ANYTHING else about how YouTube works.


  • label – Label displayed to user when filling out form (required)
  • default –Default is broken into 3 parts, separated by the pipe | character
    1. YouTube Video ID
    2. Default Video Size (this size will automatically be added to the list of available options in the dropdown list)
    3. Extra options. Leave blank, or enter “autoplay=1” to have video play   automatically


<!-- type:youtube; label:"YouTube Video"; default:"rk_UDnWJQfI|640x360|autoplay=1" -->



5/24/2016 – Fixed typo in the example above.  Example showed default= should have been default: