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Sample Template (Simple)

Landing Pages

<!-- type:tip; label:"This landing page is designed to get your potential leads to fill it out.
Remember, photos should be JPG or PNGs" -->
 <title><!-- type:text; label:"Browser Page Title"; default:"Free E-Book"; 
 max-length:100; tip:"This is what shows up in the browser and the main 
 text in search engines" --></title>
 body {background-color: <!-- type:color; label:"Background
 Color"; default:"#FFFFCC"; max-length=7; tip:"Use a very light color" -->;}
 Main Photo:<br>
 <!-- label:"Main Photo"; type:image; crop-width:250; 
 crop-height:150; tip:"This should be pretty"; -->
 Here is your YouTube Video:<br>
 <!-- type:html; label:"YouTube Video HTML Code" -->
 <!-- form -->
 Privacy Policy:<br>
 <!-- type:editor; label:"Privacy Policy"; default:"Privacy Policy Goes Here"; --><br>